On honesty and dreams // Personal post

On honesty and dreams // Personal Post

So, I've been sitting here the past few months, trying to figure out how to write a book. Today, I decided the first place to start was to be more honest on my blog posts. I've been sharing book reviews, photos, and other writings on here, and while I love making those posts, I realized that in the process I've been trying too hard and not being real and honest in my posts.

So here I am, feeling really tired even though I've hardly done anything this weekend. I'm feeling too tired to clean my house (yeah, there's stuff in the back of my fridge that I wonder if I'll even recognize once I take it out and laundry that's been sitting in the basket for so long that I forgot if it's actually clean or dirty). I'm feeling too tired to do anything, really, and I want that to stop. I want to stop making excuses, stop wasting away my time dreaming about my dream of being a writer, and actually start somewhere. I want to create something. That's what God made me to be: a creative. It's time to stop letting dust collect on my dreams and start making them reality.

So, here's to a second cup of coffee (note: I don't even drink coffee) and here's to dusting off that empty journal that's been sitting there for months waiting for some inspiration to be written in its pages.