Carolyn Emily Photography Tennessee and East Coast Wedding Photography

Shannon + Jacob | A Glen Ellen Farm Wedding

My husband and I are so fortunate to have had Carolyn photograph both our engagement session and our wedding. Carolyn is such a kind and thoughtful individual with boundless creativity; we are constantly impressed by her work, and how she goes above and beyond to deliver unique, meaningful photographs to all of her clients. Knowing Carolyn’s incredible portfolio and style, we knew that she would capture those perfect details and memories of our wedding that we and future generations would cherish forevermore. Additionally, Carolyn creates personalized wedding albums that are so very special and unique to her, demonstrating her dedication and love for her art. All of these traits and elements combined truly prove Carolyn to be the most talented, professional, and dedicated photographer that we know! We wholeheartedly recommend Carolyn Emily Photography!

2015 - 2016 engagement + wedding photography

Carolyn Emily Photography Tennesse and East Coast Wedding Photographer

Rachael + Max | A Christ-Centered Wedding

Carolyn did an amazing job with both our engagement and wedding photos! You can trust Carolyn to capture the unique, intimate details of both your relationship and your wedding; she has such an artist's eye, and her photos never look posed or over-edited. Carolyn is also so easy to work with--she was willing to meet with us multiple times and even travel to visit our venue a few weeks before the wedding to get familiar with the space. I unreservedly recommend her!

From the Mother of the Bride: Carolyn did a beautiful job of capturing Max and Rachael's day! I must say that besides her obvious talent for photography, Carolyn is a sweet as can be. She moved gracefully and unobtrusively throughout the church and reception hall to create a stunning visual record of their covenant and celebration. She is a delight, and I'm so thankful that Max and Rachael chose her as their photographer!

2015 - 2016 engagement + wedding photography

Carolyn Emily Photography Tennessee and East Coast Wedding Photography

Jessica + Edwin | An Intimate Valley Falls Wedding

Ohh Carolyn!!!! Thank you for my lovely lovely photos. I love them sooooooo much! I cannot stop looking at them!!!! You captured so many special moments and glances... All my hard work with decorations can be remembered with photos for years to come. I looooooove the wooden usb thumb drive with your new logo. By the way I am loving your new design and look. Not sure if I told you. :) i love that you took a photo of your plate of food! Ha! Ha! I could go on all day about all the things I love. I actually like that it rained now because it created some really awesome shots!!!! Thanks again Carolyn!!!

2016 wedding photography

Carolyn Emily Photography Tennessee and East Coast Wedding Photography

Heather + Gary | A Canaan Valley Wedding

I CANNOT tell you how much we love our book!!! Your attention to detail is so outstanding! We loved the watercolor and the quotes, and the leaf USB was great, Gary especially loved that! I was telling Gary that one day when you're famous, we'll be able to tell people that we have some of your original artwork!

2015 engagement + wedding photography + handmade album

Carolyn Emily Photography Tennessee and East Coast Wedding Photography

Stephanie + JR | A West Virginia Church Wedding

When it came to the style of photography I wanted, Carolyn did everything I ever dreamed of and more. I don't quite know how to describe it, but I know I didn't even have to tell her that I liked it, she just did it naturally. She captured the beauty in and of places I never would have known to look. She is extremely easy to work with and does a fantastic job. : )

2014 wedding photography



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